Escape Games in Magdeburg

Visit one of the best escape rooms in Germany
    Huxley top 2 in 2017
Escape Game Carrie Scary Top 6 in 2019
    Doc Eisenbarth top 7 in 2016

Choose from four cinematic Escape Room missions:

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How to

1. Appointment
First choose the date you want to play at the top of the calendar or make an appointment outside the opening hours individual dates.
If you book within 24 hours before the start of the game, please call us to confirm the date.
How to reach us:
2. Mission
Then select one of the missions Artefacts, Doc Eisenbarth, Carrie or select Huxley or Lost Pyramid by clicking on book now, then select one of the available times.
3. Players
Select the number of players.
Groups of up to 20 people please book all missions on the same date. Larger groups please book all missions on consecutive dates.
Suitable for all age groups from 10 years (Artefacts). Children up to 14 years accompanied by a parent.
Unfortunately our premises are not barrier-free.
4. Pay
After completing the booking you will receive an email with a payment link.
You can pay by PayPal, credit card, bank transfer or on site in cash, by credit or EC card. If the number of players changes after the booking, only the players who are present at the booked date will be charged. Any money paid in advance will be refunded.
Cancellation is free of charge up to 72 hours before the start of the game. After that a cancellation fee of 50 Euro per mission will be charged.
Directions strong>
  • Address: Leipziger Strasse 45d, 39120 Magdeburg. The entrance is located behind the building.
  • tram stop: lines 6 and 9, Magdeburg University Hospital
  • By Car: Free parking spaces in front of the door. Navi: Berthold-Brecht-Straße 6. Please drive along the street past the apartment block all the way to the back.
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Our VR Escape Missions
Your Earth does not exist anymore in the year 3007. People were replaced by machines, what was green was destroyed. You are the last survivor on a space station and have a mission: to help HUXLEY. With your entry into virtual reality, you have 44 minutes to undo the apocalypse. Everything you need can be found in your teams: adrenaline, fighting spirit and the will to win. Do you have the solution to save the world? What are you waiting for? The time is running!
FSK 10 // We recommend > 12 years
No violence scenes in the game.
Play in english language.
Available in Brunswick and Magdeburg.
Are you ready for the adventure of your life? A journey through time, to a place that makes you discoverers? Then unlock the secret behind the legend of Huxley - the source of infinite energy awaits you. Gather your best friends and experience the virtual reality of the 19th century. Meet companions, such as the professor, the creator of the energy source, as well as common adversaries who will do everything they can to get away from your path.
So, arm yourself with the ingenious inventions and find the hidden life's work.
FSK 10 // We recommend > 12 years
Play in english language.
Available in Brunswick and Magdeburg.
No scenes of violence in the game.
We recommend playing HUXLEY 1 first.
Escape the Lost Pyramid (ASSASSIN'S CREED ORIGINS)  
Starting in February 2020, you travel back to February 1928 in Magdeburg. An expedition headed by Sir Beldon Frye disappears somewhere on the Sinai Peninsula. They searched for the Lost Pyramid of Nebka ... or more precisely, for "something" that should have been there. They were never seen again. Your team puts themselves in the position of explorers. This is not a video game. It's an escape game experience in the world of Assassin's Creed Origins® in virtual reality.
We recommend >12 years
Play in German or English language in Magdeburg.
No scenes of violence in the game.
From March 2020, you will travel back to Greece in 445 BC in Magdeburg in a time of eloquent philosophers, merciless gods and death-promising oracles. Somewhere on the Peloponnese Peninsula, in a huge Aegean coastal cave, an ancient artifact was hidden. It could be the legendary ship of the Argonauts. Find the ship if it exists... This is not a video game. It's an escape game experience in the world of Assassin's Creed Odyssey® in virtual reality.
We recommend >12 years
Play in German or English language in Magdeburg.
No scenes of violence in the game.


The most exciting team event you've ever experienced welds your team together. A unique experience that will keep your company talking for a long time to come.
Leave your everyday life and dive into a strange world. We offer very different missions and challenges - not just numbers, but also pictures, colors, craftsmanship or science.


This mobile escape room comes to you and rocks your event.
Locked up in a mysterious data center, you are hacking a social media server to stop the manipulated image campaign of the US president. But the time is running: You only have 40 minutes left before the oxygen runs out!

Our prices

Book online, pay on site
  • 2 persons
  • 70 €
  • 35 € per person
  • 3 persons
  • 90 €
  • 30 € per person
  • 4 persons
  • 96 €
  • 24 € per person
  • 5 persons
  • 120 €
  • 24 € per person
  • 6 persons
  • 126 €
  • 21 € per person
You can pay via PayPal, credit card or on-site by credit or debit card or cash.
Pupils and students receive 20% discount during week days on proof - please enter the discount code STUDI20 during the booking process.