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Doc Eisenbarth welcomes the recipients in the Leipzig street in Magdeburg - directly opposite the university hospital.
The playing time is 60 minutes plus 15 minutes briefing and de-briefing. The recipients are looked after individually by a game manager.
The vouchers can be redeemed in Magdeburg or Leipzig. You can also pick up the voucher and pay cash locally.
We send you or the recipient a nicely designed gift voucher with a coupon code (either by mail or by email). He books an appointment on our website and enters the coupon code after booking.

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  • If you have a booking problem please call: (+49) 0176 13932601 or email li>
  • T-Online: For technical reasons we are currently unable to send booking confirmations to T-Online's email accounts.
  • Accessibility: Unfortunately, our premises are currently not barrier-free.
  • Address: Leipziger Strasse 45d, 39120 Magdeburg.
  • Tram Stop: Lines 6 and 9, Magdeburg University Hospital
  • Car: Free parking in front of the door. Navigation: Berthold-Brecht-Straße 6.
Directions strong>
  • Address: Leipziger Strasse 45d, 39120 Magdeburg. The entrance is located behind the building.
  • tram stop: lines 6 and 9, Magdeburg University Hospital
  • By Car: Free parking spaces in front of the door. Navi: Berthold-Brecht-Straße 6. Please drive along the street past the apartment block all the way to the back.
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