Reality Live Escape Game

No more Corona? Play our Escape Games together with your friends live from home. No matter where you are, you will find yourself together in a real Escape Room. There you control a human avatar through an exciting mission, find clues and solve puzzles together.


Locked in a mysterious data center, you hack a social media server to stop the manipulated image campaign of the US president.
But time is running out: You only have 45 minutes before your oxygen runs out.


Join us in this exciting remote adventure: Your spaceship is stranded on an alien desert planet. But time is running out: The oxygen supply of your human avatar only lasts 45 minutes - will you manage to get the wreckage afloat in time?
In spite of Corona, finally doing something together again with friends, colleagues and family. No matter where you are in the world - you meet in a real Escape Room and face an exciting mission together. You can all sit at different terminals, no matter where you are. Up to 6 devices can dial in worldwide.


With our remote games the experience is real (does not apply to curfew). Using different cameras you can see a real escape room on your device (mobile phone, tablet, PC). There you control your avatar - a real person, who you give instructions to via speech what he should do for you in the room. You will also be supervised by a game master who will explain everything to you at the beginning and help you if you don't get any further.


Everybody plays with their mobile device (mobile phone, tablet or PC) and you meet in a real Escape Room - no matter where you are. You can exchange information and communicate with the avatar and the game master. If the internet connection is lost, you simply dial in again and the game continues.


Home Edition - this is how it works:

  1. You book an appointment for 1-6 devices online on this page. Any number of players can sit in front of one terminal. You pay online via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.
  2. After payment you will receive a link via email. You will forward this link to your friends. You play via your web browser and don't have to install anything.
  3. Please dial in 5-10 minutes before the game to make sure that everything works from your side.
  4. At the appointment you play via PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. A newer version of Firefox (above version 56) or Chrome (above version 60) or Safari should be installed on the PC. Fast Internet (over 10 MBit/s) is advantageous.
  5. When all players are assembled, you will receive an introduction from our Game Master.
  6. Afterwards you will see the cameras of the room, talk to your fellow players like in a real escape game and together you will steer a human avatar through the mission.