Venture Truck

This mobile escape room comes to you and rocks your event.
Trapped in a mysterious data center, you're hacking a social media server to stop the manipulated image campaign of the US president.
But time is running out: you only have 40 minutes left before the oxygen runs out!

Gronkh, the largest YouTube creator in Germany with 4.5 million followers plays the VentureTruck

PietSmiet, also one of the biggest creators of YouTube and LetsPlayer, plays against Gronkh.

The MakingOf of VentureTruck

The computer game WatchDogs2 matching the VentureTruck.

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rtl2news reports on the VentureTruck and WatchDogs2.

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With Stimulate Technology
The Magdeburg research campus STIMULATE, supported by the BMBF, is developing innovative technology for VentureTruck together with EscapeVenture.

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Stimulate With Stimulate Technology