Christmas party

The most exciting christmas party you've ever experienced is welding your team together.

A unique experience that will keep your company talking for a long time.

Our business package includes the missions "Artefacts", "Doc Eisenbarth", "Carrie" and in Braunschweig "HackAttack", the outdoor game "The Magic Portal" and the VentureBoxes. In addition, you will receive a business catering and can use our meeting room for your meetings.
Alternatively, we are happy to come to you with our VentureTruck, the VentureBoxes and the Augmented Reality Game "The Magical Portal" and plan your in-house event together with you or your team event individually according to your ideas.
Talk to us: Veikko Galle,
Up to 4 teams simultaneously play our exciting team building missions "Artefacts", "Doc Eisenbarth", "Carrie" and "The Magical Portal".
Puzzle boxes
Puzzle boxes
At our lovingly designed VentureBoxes with different themes teams compete against each other.
Before or after the team building events, our business catering including drinks is available to the participants.
In Brunswick, the participants also have access to a spacious lounge for reception, get-together and talks.
Meeting room
Meeting room
In Brunswick use our meeting room for meetings and presentations before, after or in parallel to the games.
"Escapeventure is great for groups who want to test their teamwork, or who just like to solve puzzles! We loved the story behind it, and also experienced some surprises :-D The coaches gave a short and concise introduction and did not betray too much, otherwise the fun would be gone ;-) Overall, we all had a lot of fun, is absolutely recommendable and is really a top Aim!"
"We wanted to do something different for the Christmas party and invited our employees on a little adventure, none of us could bring any experience and so we caught the story, everyone was able to contribute to the success and we laughed a lot and had a nice evening "The Story Artefacts is really tricky, but it's still solvable, and we're sure to tackle the other tasks as well."
"Thrill and excitement At escapeventure we had a great team event with Artefacts and we want to explore the other rooms as well."
We are happy to come to you with our VentureTruck, the VentureBoxes and the Augmented Reality Game "The Magical Portal" and plan your in-house event together with you.


This mobile escape room comes to you and rocks your event.
Locked up in a mysterious data center, you are hacking a social media server to stop the manipulated image campaign of the US president. But the time is running: You only have 40 minutes left before the oxygen runs out!
VentureBoxes are lovingly designed puzzle boxes with five completely different themes.
Play the VentureBoxes in a team against each other for your teambuilding event (at our or inhouse with you) or every Thursday for the game night in Braunschweig.
Can you escape in time?
The mixture of knowledge, logic, skill and observation presents your team with very special challenges.
For your mission, you do not need physical strength, but team spirit, a good deal of creativity and the enjoyment of logical thinking. Only your mind will bring you out again.
The most exciting team event you've ever experienced welds your team together. A unique experience that is talked about in the office for a long time.
Do something together with friends and family. Escape from everyday life and immerse yourself in a foreign scenic theme world with many challenges, games, fun and excitement.
Chained, you wake up - in the practice of Doc Eisenbarth. Find the antidote. You have only 60 minutes left, otherwise the wedding has to be canceled.
This gift will be remembered. Engage friends, acquaintances, and colleagues, and give away games, fun, excitement, and 60 minutes of adrenaline.

Business Catering

Genießen Sie in Braunschweig vor oder nach den Teambildung-Events unser frisch zubereitetes, raffiniertes Business Catering von der Fleischerei Neumann.
Fingerfood: 22 Euro pro Person (inkl. MwSt.)
  • Essbare Löffel mit Schinkenmousse
  • Knusperhähnchenfilet an Früchtecreme im Glas
  • Lachsspieß Röllchen vom geräuchertem Lachs und blanchierte Zucchini
  • Medaillons vom Schweinefilet mit Frischkäse-Topping
  • Mürbeteig-Minis mit Bruschetta-Frischkäse und getrockneter Tomate
  • Auswahl gemischter Canapés
  • Aprikosenhälften
Kaffee und Kuchen: 4 Euro pro Person (inkl. MwSt.)
Fritz Limonaden: 2 Euro pro Person (inkl. MwSt.)